YouCan Charity Nomination

We are happy to announce that our ‘Nominated Charity’ for 2018 is… YOUCAN!!

Alongside our mainstay Pilgrims hospice, we look to support another cause or charity and this year it is a Project run by The Children's Development Trust.

YouCan specifically supports young people who has been impacted by Cancer, they are there during and after treatment to help everyone adjust and recover in the best possible way.

What drew us to this fantastic cause was the relevance it has to Luke and our own story. If we had been aware of YouCan we are sure it would have been a great support tool to Luke and his loved ones.

Last week Team Luke’s Liam and Wes went to visit a house YouCan have purchased in Westgate-On-Sea along with Luke’s Mum & Dad (Jo & Mart). The plan is for this facility to be offered to young sufferers and their families for Rest-Bite Weekend Breaks. A great way for those to switch off from the struggles of treatment!

YouCan also offer Wellness Weekends where they get together those with something in common for weekend trips with activities.

Our goal is to raise money for YouCan so we can sponsor/fund the Weekends and Breaks.

For more info see our YouCan page.

  • June 8, 2018
  • Liam
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