Q. How can I get involved in a fundraising event?

A: We are always glad of support and one of the team will be happy to consider your fundraising ideas or help involve you with an on-going event. Please contact info@lukes-legacy.co.uk and one of our team will get back to you as soon as possible.

Q: We are not yet registered as a charity, may we apply?

A: The Luke Williams Charitable Trust can only support registered charities, however, we may be able to offer advice in becoming a registered charity if we believe your cause is worthy and in line with our Charity and Community Policies.

Q: I am an individual who is raising money for a charity that fits your guidelines; may I apply?

A: Your application must be in co-ordination with a registered charity with full knowledge by the charity of your application.

Q: How much financial support is possible?

A: Financial support varies in size and is dependent on a number of factors including the total funding requirement, charity size, purpose, and the amount that we have available for distribution. It is generally advisable to inform us what the financial support is for, how much is raised so far, and potential for other funding, and the Trust team will then reach their own conclusions and award an amount they consider appropriate.

Q. How soon will our charity receive financial support if supported?

A. This is dependent on the amount we have for distribution at the give time, but all efforts will be made to make financial support as timely as possible to suit the charities requirements.

Q: Can we publicise your involvement if we receive support?

A: We typically have no objections to publicity of our support once fully considered and granted, but it is appreciated if any publications of information is liaised upon with ourselves before entering the public domain.