Fundraising Ideas

You're thinking you want to help and would like to raise funds for our charitable organisation but you're not quite sure what you can do.

Don't worry you're not the only one, we get asked what people can do alot and to be honest, the possibilities are truly endless!

It does't matter if you're a novice at fund raising, the most popular and rewarding fund raisers are usually those who have thrown themselves fully out of their comfort zones in the name of charity!


Here is some info on some of our favourite fund raising ideas:

Organize a quiz night:

This is great fun and much easier than it sounds. Firstly, many venues will be delighted to host the event as you will be bringing many happy customers in to their establishment. They will often agree to donate part of their takings too! Secondly, with so many websites to help create good quizzes it doesn’t take as long or is not half as hard as you might think to come up with a top-notch quiz.

Sponsored walk/run/cycle/swim/whatever:

If you fancy challenging yourself and/or others to achieve something great and raise some money doing it then this is an easy way to do it. Often all is required is a sponsorship form. Please take necessary health and safety precautions too.


Want to put yours and your friends cooking to the ultimate test. Just arrange for a number of people to cook their signature dishes and sell tickets to supporters to taste each dish. Voting can be made by what people value for each dish, the winner receives a small prize or trophy and a tasty load of cash is raised in the meantime.


Request local businesses to donate prizes/items in exchange for some publicity and watch the money roll in. Good prizes often include shop/restaurant vouchers, food/drink hampers, experience days and sport memorabilia.


In The Office

Swear Jar
£1 for every slip of the tongue will soon add up in most offices!
Coffee Morning
Grab a perculator, some ground coffee and a few treats, you'll be surprised how many people want a good cup of joe in the morning
Many competitions can easily be turned into a sweepstake. Use half the takings for prizes and the other half as a donation
Office Prison
Ever just wanted a day without the office idiot around?
Staff pay and vote, whoever receives the most votes is banished to the spare room for the day

At School

Non Uniform Day
The age old favourite. No one really likes trousers and shoes
Sponsored Silence
One day, no talking what so ever. Could you do it?
Bake Sale
Put those food technology skills to good use and charge for each cake
Talent Show
You will be surprised what talents are hiding within the school
Social Media Ban
Ask for sponsors, for every £1 raised you promise to stay off all social media for an hour


Legs eleven. Two little ducks. Unlucky for some. Two fat ladies. You know the game, become a compare for the night and raise as much as you can!
Obstacle course
Health and safety is important here, but if done correctly an obstacle course can be set up in your local park with contestants competing against the clock for a prize
Film Night
Get your hands on a projector, hire a hall and play 2 or 3 films. Bond, Avengers, Bourne, Star Wars, add fancy dress competition to the mix and you've got a fun filled evening for all ages!
Sports Tournament
A well run sports tournament can be a great fund raiser, charges can be applied for spectators and team entries.

Quick & Easy

Yard Sale
Get rid of some the clutter around your house. One mans trash and all that
Luck of the Draw
This deserves an award for the easiest fund raiser. Set a fee, contestants pay and put their name in a hat, who ever is drawn from the hat gets a prize or half the money recieved
Guessing games
How many sweets in a jar? Name of the Bear?
Gift wrapping service
Christmas is a busy time of the year and people don't want their gifts seen until the big day! Become an elf for your friends and wrap their gifts for a donatation